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By keeping track with market development, we manufacture and supply a supreme quality range of Tablet Press Machine. It is also known as Tablet Compression Machines. A tablet press is a mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight. A press can be used to manufacture tablets of a wide variety of materials. We manufacture a variety of Tablet Press from small to volumes to large volumes. It is very popular as it is sturdy and user friendly, and it is manufactured under strict quality control.
It is designed to press tablet up to 25 mm. Diameter with output of 260 to 466 tablets per minute and pressure up to 10 tons PSI. The machine is finished and designed with the accent on cleanliness in operation and accessibility to facilitate ease of maintenance cam tracks, pressure rollers and other parts are made of high grades alloy steel to provided maximum resistance to wear gear box assembly is fitted with die and punches holder for various diameter. Adjustable stainless steel hopper is also fitted with regulating system for flow of powder.

Our high performance Tablet Press Machines is extremely durable and reliable. It is fabricated using supreme quality raw materials; these have numerous Features like high speed Rotary tablet press for higher table output, suitable for large batch production. Tablet Press Machine is used to make different kinds and shapes of tablets which are an essential part of pharmaceutical industry. This machine can produce all types of round tablets, irregular shaped tablets and tablets engraved on both sides.

tablet pressing machine India tablet pressing machine manufacturer
tablet pressing machine India tablet pressing machine manufacturer

Turn Tables Scrambler Unscrambler Salient Features of Tablet Press

  • We provide a high speed Rotary tablet press for higher table output and it is suitable for large batch production.
  • Our manufactured machine is having a square design with total consideration of GMP standards.
  • All the tablet parameters can be fine tuned during the operation of the machine from outside the tableting zone.
  • The machine is having round hoppers of SS-304 with butterfly valve.
  • Lower punch seals are provided at lower punch hole in turret.
  • This machine is also having A.C. variable frequency drive for the main motor and force feeding motors, which enables operators to synchronize machine's speed & feed both.
  • Double Sided Tablet Press in compliance with cGMP Guidelines.
  • Higher Output up to 439200 tablets per hour (for 61 Station).
  • Simple and convenient operation, offering operator Protection, cleanliness and ease of maintenance.
  • AC invertor’s variable drive for main motor with electromagnetic clutch.
  • PLC / HMI System with touch screen display.
  • Auto Tablet rejection during machine START & STOP and Random sampling device.
  • This machine have powder Level monitoring device of the feed hoppers.
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