Roll-On Filling Machine

We are counted among the best manufacturers and suppliers of Roll – on Filling Machine. This machine is suitable for filling-plug pressing-capping of roll-on perfume bottles. These machines are studied and developed on the basis of our semi-automatic vacuum filling machines, which are widely accepted and praised by our clients. They are ideal machines to fill water-like products, rich-foaming products or other fluid products. The design and configuration of these Deodorant Roll on Filling Machines, which controlled with PLC, are compact and reasonable. The Vacuum Filling Systems draw product into the container by using constant vacuum suction. When the product reaches the vacuum port, the excess product is drawn back into the collecting bottles.

The fill level of the container is determined by the depth of the vacuum port within the neck of the container. Therefore the fill level will be the same regardless of the inconsistencies of the containers. The material of the collecting bottles is pharmaceutical grade, and the product in the bottles can be recycled.

Our fabricated assortment of Roll on Filling Machines are easy to maintain, no special tools are required, no bottle no fill, and has high filling accuracy. The number of the filling nozzles and the length of the conveyors can be custom-made according to your special requirements. It comes from the combination of a container which is filled to volume onto which a ring is applied into which a ball is placed and above all this there is a cap.