Perfume Bottle Crimping Machine

We are instrumental in offering a comprehensive assortment of Perfume Bottle Crimping MachineThis machine is used for crimping the caps of the perfume bottle. This crimping machine is used in the perfume industry that helps in catering to the small and medium scaled production. This machine can also give more output provided, more human labor is available. Furthermore, this manually operated machine is flexible in operation and can be availed at competitive prices. The bottle with cap that is to be crimped is placed under the crimping tool, which possesses a spring loaded platform along with spring load. Besides, a hand operating lever helps to actuate the tool over the bottle. This tool properly covers the cap for pulling action of the tool at the time of pressing the handle. Moreover, it results in the crimping of caps to the bottle and adjustment of the height of crimping head. This adjustment is done through loosening the side lever and by sliding the head upwards and downwards.

We offer perfume Crimping Machines with manual and auto mode that are extremely portable and can be mounted on to the table easily. These machines have 32 teeth collets which gives an artistic seal to the atomizer cap on glass bottle. This machine is available in different sizes; our range of machines can be threaded on to machine for different sizes of atomizers. These are suitable to crimp perfume bottles of various sizes. Our range of Crimping Machines can be customized as per client's requirement.

Body Structure and working principle of Perfume Bottle Crimping Machine

Our highly qualified engineers use mild steel during constructing this Perfume Bottle Crimping Machine. The tool is made with special material which is machined and hardened to get the correct crimping each time. Operating of this machine is also very much simple. A pedal operating foot switch is provided with the machine to do each crimping. When once pressed, a single crimping is done with perfect tight. The foot switch is very soft to operate.

Salient Features of Perfume Bottle Crimping Machine

  • Compact Machine with automatic crimping unit.
  • We are providing Rotary turret for better gripping.
  • Crimp Tightness adjustable by set screw on the collets.
  • Precise crimping with specially designed crimper head.
  • Output: 25 crimped bottles per minute depends upon labour skill.
  • Crimp cap range: 15mm – 32mm at a time as per collets (Tool) size.
  • This is rotary bottle crimper with conveyor and turret holding mechanism.
  • Various perfume bottles can be applied on this machine as our engineers will design customized crimping head according to specific samples.