Automatic Bopp Labeling Machine

With the comprehensive knowledge of the varied aspects of the market, we have been able to provide our customers with Automatic Bopp Labeling Machine. It is also known as Automatic Linear Hot Melt Labeling Machine. These machines are constructed in superior grade stainless steel finish and are available in different model and size options to choose from the clients. These machines find suitability in meeting the labeling demands of products like bottles, jars, vial, tin and other packaging in round finish form. Further, the presence of micro processor control based label dispensing system as well as advanced sensing system for label and products also assure of optimum support in involved processes. These Bopp Labeling Machines can handle bottles of different size capacities as well as in varied production speeds. Our manufactured Automatic Bopp Labeling Machine is a versatile mechanism for specific and accurate dispensing of BOPP Label on the bottle or any type of container.

This machine incorporates a totally new concept in roll-fed labeling technology. Automatic linear hot melt glue labeling machine provided by our company fits various labeling products. The container is fed to carousel (a machine or device with a moving belt); the container is held top and bottom in the carousel during the label application process. The labeling is controlled by a continuous or automatic correcting system. The labeling is cut onto a drum provided with rotating and static blade which is simple and reliable to supply a correct cutting. The hot melt is spread on one edge of the labeling and the overlap on vacuum drum. The labeling process is complete in the labeling station in a short time. It is commonly used in round bottle high-speed labeling for Food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

The Features of our fabricated Labeling machine is fully automatic linear operations for handling 200 ml - 2000 ml bottles and have maximum production speeds of 60/90/120/200 bottles per min. The use of superior grade stainless steel in construction also makes these machines deliver optimum performance support. The same machine can be used for different sizes of labels with “Minimum Change Parts” there are no glue roller and scraper blade assemblies because the hot melt gluing application is carried out using a controllable movement of glue drum spray which accurately applies hot melt glue to the leading and trailing edges of label.

This technology of glue dispensing eliminates glue spillage thus maintaining a much clean machine during operation. In order to ensure quality, these machines are stringently tested on various parameters by our experts. Apart from this, remarkable quality and sturdy structure of this Automatic Linear Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine increases the demand of our offered range in the market. As per the variegated requirements of our esteemed clients; we are offering a broad collection of Automatic Bopp Labeling Machine.

Key Specifications or Special Features

Steps to process this machine

In feed bottle, pre-position, label cutting, gluing, labeling, label by press out and then finish.